I want to be captivated by Your Beauty
Letting Your fiery eyes consume me
Dwelling in the midst of all Your Glory
This one thing I seek
Nina Landis
God as God
God is God
God is Good

God's very essence, His nature, His being is good. Goodness. Right Just Holy Perfect.
He has revealed Himself in all His goodness to all the world, and yet, this is NOT how our unassisted human hearts or the world choose to define Him.

The question. The one question that gives God a bum rap.
"If God is good, why..."
Why pain Why death Why disease Why wickedness?
Why would God allow, and even create, evil?

To understand God as good, it must be understood that everything He created He called "good". Without sin. Without corruption.

Sin = corruption. Breeds it. Releases it.

Yet, when evil happens, God is still good.
His nature does not change.
Wicked Painful Hurtful Hateful  - this does not negate the always-good-ness of God.
His Supremacy.
Ascendancy Dominance Preeminence Sovereignty.

Unassisted hearts blame God for suffering. The world insists on defining Him as other than He really is. As having created a flaw. Imperfection. As having created sin. As being flawed.

GOOD noun Definition of GOOD a : something that is good b (1) : something conforming to the moral order of the universe (2) : praiseworthy character : goodness

God is good. He cannot change who He is. Perfection is what He does. Every breath. Every motion. Every creation. Every purpose. He is Fire Lighting Thunder.
And there is always more. A deeper understanding. A further revelation. Forever. And Ever. And Ever. Never an end. Never a finale. No period.

Language falls so short.

It is always always always God's desire to heal, deliver, fill, pour-out-into.
The Kingdom is always His goal.
Justice and Mercy.

Is what pours out of revelation.
What our assisted hearts can now give, when we truly see. Finally know. Beyond our imaginations. Deeper than our limitations.
When we see.
When He is revealed.

Crafted Prayer:

Father, we declare that You are the Only God, and you You are SUPREME. You are completely Good. You have given Your Son, Jesus, the Name that is above every name, and at that Name every knee will bow. You have given Your Great and Holy Spirit to us, and by Him You are revealed.

Father, we treasure the revelation of You as God. Unassisted, even our greatest imaginations of You are limited at best, and affected by our weak and easily swayed hearts. Define Yourself to us, Father. Not in a limiting way, but instead, cause our heats to always search deeper and higher further for more of You.

Crush every false idea of who You are, and shine Your cleansing light onto every fear, doubt and disappointment that has tried to define You as other than who You really are.

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    To Muse

    "The world is more like
    it is now then it ever
    has been before."

    -Dwight Eisenhower

    "I have blessed you
    so that the nations
    will know Me and
    see My glory."
    Jamie, from the book Radical
    by David Platt

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