We have heard the song, "thank you for the cross, thank you for the cross, thank you for the cross my friend." We thank God for the cross of Christ, but what about the cross you and I bare?  Christ's cross was an example we are to embrace.  Not the plan or work of redemption, but the crucifixtion to this world and its system. (gal.6:14)  Do you see the value of the cross in your life?  Do you see the mighty work it accomplishes? The momentary work of the cross, the momentary pain of the cross rids our lives of the very painful plauges of the human heart that wreck God's idea for humanity.  (Rom 8:13) By the Spirit, we put to death the deeds of the flesh. How? By the daily cross we bare?

God is treating us like Sons. How? By the privilege of the cross.  The Father gives us the same instrument to be conformed into His Son's image.  We clearly see the benefit of Christ's cross: (2Cor. 13:4)crucified in weakness raised in power.  (Heb. 2:8)Right now we don't see all things under His feet, but we do see Jesus clothed with glory and honor because he suffered.  We must not let the pain or suffering of the cross or of life stop us from the glory and honor on the other side. (Rom 8:18) Everything we suffer, a cross of any kind, in Christ, you know we are in Christ, if we are in Christ we're in Christ, is more than quaranteed to be glorious and crowned with honor.  Do we not see that as the pattern in the Son? Do we not have the Holy Spirit?(Eph 1:13) Is He, The Spirit, a sufficient quarantee for our eternal inheritence we will recieve?

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