Yesterday, a man checked into the Hotel because of an emergency.  Something about a man missing down river.  I was finishing up the day and saw a young man on a cell phone talking about searching for a man.  I felt the I should pray with him.  I came around the corner and saw him flip his cell phone shut and settle his head into his hands.  I said to myself perfect timing lets pray for him.  So with boldness and compassion I approached the man.  

"Hey, my name is Mike, can I pray for you?"

"No, I just need some time."

I sat down next to him, shocked, "What's your name?" I asked.

"Casey, they can't find my uncle. He went for a hike down river.  This will be the second funeral this week."

'"What's your uncle's name?" "How old is he?"

"Ed Miller, he is mid fifties, but he is a specimen, not your average fifty year old."

"Man I could sure pray with you."

"You can pray silently by yourself, I am in a conflict with that. it's not for me."

"I can respect that man, if i was in your situation I would want someone bigger than me to help me through it. God cares for all people." I patted his shoulder got up and walked off.

Instantly flooded with disappointment, bewilderment, rejection, and anger, yes anger. I felt like I had been kicked in the heart.  I didn't have the bandwidth for my heart's reaction.  I felt broken for the man.  I drove home saying, ''why me Lord, I always get the hard ones the ones that don't get healed, the ones that don't want prayer and then I feel stupid and don't know if I should push the issue or just leave it alone and leave it to You.  I am unprepared to handle rejection.  It really throws me."  Later I told Pastor Greg; he prayed with me for Casey. I began to weep for him. The world will not react the in ways we would think.  My faith needs to reassure me that I don't have to pray with him to have God interrupt his life and break through.

Prayers are powerful even if we can't make physical contact. Be encouraged your prayers move mountains and cause His kingdom to come to the earth.  That is the work of children, sons of God to be revealed.  We call and ask for the Father's will to be done on the earth.  We call Him Father and relate to Him as a Father by the Spirit.  This is eternal life to Know Him, but how shall we know Him? We shall know Him as our Father the same way Jesus knew Him.  We have the Spirit for that very purpose to know God as Father because by the Spirit we are made Son in the likeness of the Son of God, Jesus.  I pray you get this and understand the partnership you have in the family of God.  Your prayers are going to be different from now on.

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