Saturday,Rachelle, Rael and I went to see our beloved midwives in Hamilton. We just wanted to touch base with them and bless and thank themagain for being such an incredible part of our lives. So we tookthem out to lunch. We love driving to Hamilton Mt. It's a 90mindrive through the snow covered mountains. It's a well traveled roadfor us. We generally have some blessed revelation and prophecyemerge in our conversation. This trip was no different.

Shell and I had agreat conversation about culture. We want to experience asupernatural culture in our family. How do we do that? What doesthat look like? How is culture created and sustained? Through ourconversation the Lord began to breakdown the concept of culture in away that it works for us. (to at least talk about it and get ourminds wrapped around such an enormous word.) It really breaks downto customs, traditions, habit. If we don't see that our habits areforming a culture now, we won't see the encouragement we should have.

This came to meas I thought about how we put Rael to bed. There's a culture hiddenin our habits. My wife and I pray over Rael sing and pray in tonguesover her, and sing worship songs about His Presence and His Name overher. Through our habits, our culture is created. As we repeatedlypractice this family custom, we will have created a culture for Raelto pass on to her kids. Really a culture is a family practice passeddown through the generations. When more than just an individual orfamily operator and function with a certain custom of habits, thenyou have those habits influence a greater population, now you have aculture in a specific geographic area.

What's my valueof prayer? What's my practice or habit of prayer? What's my valueof worship? What's my habit of worship? What's my value forprophecy? What's my habit? Go through the list and ask thesequestions. What is my habit of speech in all manners ofcircumstances.? If our values are disconnected from our habits, weare not in unity with ourself, and we are prone to deception becausewe think we are practicing our values when all we've really done ismake a statement of them. The value placed on these disciplines aredemonstrated by the time and effort we put into practicing them. Now we may say we have these disciplines of the faith and highlyvalue them, but our action really determine the depth of our belief.In some instances, people think they life by the values defined in aChristian culture, but in practice at home their values are reallyimmersed more in the secular culture. We are touched by itsemotional energy more so than the godly culture. Our words and ouractions tell what culture is really influencing our heart.

Be encouragedbeloved your actions, words, habits, and practices are build theculture of your God in your homes this very minute. With focusedintentionality do what you're doing all the more!


Yay Mike. This is wonderful and insightful. Rael is a blessed little lady. :)


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